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~  Askable Adults  ~

In a 2017 VT Network survey of 584 Vermont Youth, Vermont children and youth ages 10 to 24 identified an array of concerns that cause them stress in their everyday lives—including drug and alcohol use; poverty; sexism and harassment; body shaming and bullying; and homophobia and transphobia. When asked what would help, young people said that the number one solution would be having more supportive and “askable” adults in their lives. 

We also know that the single most common factor for children who develop resilience to stress and adversity is having at least one stable relationship with a supportive parent, caregiver, or other adult (Harvard Center for the Developing Child). This is especially critical for young people working to develop a positive sense of self in a culture that often devalues them based on their identity, ability, background or status... 

The goal of the VT Network’s Askable Adult Campaign is to increase, motivate, equip, and nurture more askable and supportive adults for youth by increasing awareness and offering tools for adults to increase understanding, build skills and commit to action steps. This guide provides an opportunity for any community member to bring the Askable Adult Campaign materials to a diversity of adults in a variety of settings.

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